Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's Really Good to Be Painting Again...

The weekly watercolor class I was taking last fall with my mom started up again a few weeks ago so even though this time of year is pretty busy for me, I decided I should start going to force myself to pick up my paintbrushes again and get painting.  I'm really glad I did because I'm really enjoying it.  :)  I have to laugh at myself sometimes.  I find it way too easy to let myself put the stuff I don't like doing high on my priority list while the stuff that I love and that brings me such joy gets put at the bottom of the list.  Maybe this year I'll actually be able to change that for good.  :)  Hope springs eternal...

Anyway, here is the painting I did from the first week of class.  I was pretty sure that after 3 months of not painting, I was gonna have something that I didn't like but I surprised myself.  I like this a lot and I think I'm gonna even frame it and find a place in the house to hang it.  :)

These next paintings are from last week's class.  They are all on one sheet of paper that I divided into different size frames.  They are quick studies taken from the same photo.  The goal was to get us to see the range of possibilities for paintings in one photo or one plein air location.  The paintings aren't really great, but it was a really good exercise to do and  I'm excited to pull out some of my old photos and explore this a bit more.

I've also been doing a little work with my acrylics.  I wanted to make some paintings for my guest bathroom so I bought some canvases and painted these apples. 

I have quite a few projects on my mental list that I want to start so (cross my fingers) hopefully I will be a little more regular in writing blog posts.  No guarantees though.  :)  Time has been slipping  by so fast lately that I can't even keep up with the necessities.