Thursday, September 30, 2010

Leaf Love

Even though I've been a whiny girl about the rain this month, I'm glad to see Fall here.  I love when the leaves start to turn colors.  It makes me want to do a happy dance!  :)

I was driving home from errands today and the sun just happened to be shining and I happened to have my camera with me and I just happened upon a beautiful tree with leaves of orange and gold and as it happened, I took some photos.  :)

Beauty happens.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Studio Progress

Thought I'd better try to get a few pics up since it's been so long since I've posted anything.  :)  I now have a roof for my studio.  Yay!  It came with a bit of suffering for my sweetie though.  He smashed his finger really badly (I had to take him to urgent care where they stitched him up and put a splint on it) and then he had to keep working because the weatherman was predicting rain.  And man did it rain!  Not just the typical Northwest misty rain, but a freakin' deluge.  Made me really glad I hate heights so much.  Other that going out to encourage everyone and check on progress, I got to stay inside because there was no way I was getting on that roof.

Anyway, everything is weathered in and my floor has dried out and I'm so very thankful for all the help we had getting it done.

Yuck!  What a miserable day this was.  The floor got swept about 5 times and each time there was a good 1/2 inch of water on it.

Roofing day was better...only intermittent rain and lots of helpers so it went really fast.  Thank you God!

I'm hoping that maybe I can be all moved in (or everything can be ready for me to move in) by Christmas.  I don't think it's gonna happen sooner than that.  I'm missing my books and my cutting and sewin table a LOT, so I will be a happy camper when it's finally finished.

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Guest Room--Phase 1

Well, the priming and painting is done, and the bed is set up so I will have a place for people to sleep this weekend.  Right now, the room is pretty boring because there's nothing on the walls and the quilt I want to make is still just pieces of fabric in the garage but the room is definitely on its way.

(Ignore the quilt on the bed--it really doesn't look that great with the wall color but I needed the warmth of another blanket.)

The color is prettier than the photo shows.  It's a light greenish yellow called Summer Resort.   I laid out the quilt fabrics I bought and I like the way they look--I really like the orange and lime green ones the best so I might change directions with the quilt and go with only those two colors.  Another idea is to go with aqua and green--there is a nice quilt at Target with those colors that I think would look good and then I wouldn't have to make a quilt...decisions, decisions.  Too many to make right now.  :)

Wish I didn't hate returning things so much because then I'd just go buy the quilt at Target and try it out in the room to see what I think.  I might do it anyway, since I have to go to Costco and get party food tomorrow.