Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Painting Flowers...

I've been trying to tackle painting things that I've avoided in the past because I thought the were too "hard".  One thing I've always struggled with is painting flowers.  Since it's spring and there are beautiful flowers blooming all over the place, I decided that I should stop thinking about it and just do it.  :)  Here are a few of better ones.

Monday, April 29, 2013

New Paintings...

I've been painting twice a week for a month and as usual, I've been wondering why I sometimes stop.  I really, really love painting--it makes me happy.  And, I love it when I can see that I'm making progress in learning the medium and in painting in a looser style.  I still have a long way to go, but at least I'm more optimistic about being able to accomplish it.  :)

 This was painted from a picture I took of the apartment where we stayed when we were in Pienza, Italy.  It's one of our favorite memories of that trip.

 This was painted from a photo given to us in my Tuesday night painting class.  

 This is from a photo I took a few years ago at the now defunct Clear Creek Nursery during a Mother's Day photo safari with the family.

 A rose from my garden.

My first attempt at a portrait.  This was from a cover of a knitting magazine.  I want to try painting a few portraits but have been too scared to try it, so I just decided to go for it.  I'm happy with how it came out and now am excited to try more.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Christmas Sewing...I know It's a Bit Late But...

I've been really having a lot of fun this past month or so.  I have been in creative mode and have gotten quite a few projects crossed off my "To Do" list.  I have so much stuff that it's gonna take three or four posts with lots of pics just to show it all.  :)

I decided that I would start with stuff I specifically made for Christmas this year.  I finally convinced everyone that we really needed new Christmas stockings (seriously, I've been trying for years), so I was hectically sewing and knitting them two days before Christmas.  Gotta love those last minute projects.  :)

 I made two of these.  One for Al and one for Alex's girlfriend.

This is Alex's "Nightmare Before Christmas" stocking.

 Scott wanted a knitted blue and white striped stocking.  Because he wanted it knitted, I didn't get this one done until a few days after Christmas.

This is Hannah's Stocking.

 And this is mine.  This one didn't get done until after Christmas either.

I also finally decided how to decorate the plain Jane Christmas tree skirt that my mom gave me years ago (with the expectation that I would decorate it with pretty things.  Better late than never, huh?)  I hand embroidered fun felt ornaments on the tree skirt.  When I look at it in the photo, I'm still not sure it's completely done, but it's done for this year.  :)

Her are a few close ups of the ornaments.

I have lots more stuff to share--embroidery, sewing, knitting, jewelry, Barbie clothes (yeah, you read it right, it's my latest fun distraction)--so keep checking back.  :)