Saturday, March 6, 2010

Frustration and Film

It's been about 5 months since I started my photography adventure.  I've been wanting some way to chronicle my journey so I can look back and see my progress.  I've posted albums on Facebook but some of my friends don't have FB pages so I promised I'd get some kind of link here on the blog so they can take a look.  But sometimes technology just won't cooperate.  I decided to add a gadget to my blog today that would have links to each album, but the dumb link gadget won't work.  GRRRRRRR!  So, In lieu of that, I'm going to just put a link in this post and hopefully (cross my fingers really tight) it will work.
As a tease, here's a photo from my latest roll.  My filmmaker son said it's the best shot I've taken so far.  High praise to this mom.  :)
Here's the link.

Anyway, happy viewing!


Cindy said...

Link worked fine. Fun to see albums full of your pics.
Question...are these pics all film pics or are some digital?

Tink said...

Sweet linkiepoo, thanks for sharing with us.

I think we see similarly through the lens of a camera. The things you shoot are, in ways and of things my brain is drawn to.

Looking forward to more albums to enjoy!

Melis said...

Cindy, so far, all the albums are film.

Vonnie said...

Very cool shot my dear. Love the sun flair. Is it from your trip?