Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nestled In My Backyard...

Last weekend, Al finished the siding on my new garden shed (thank you so much sweetie!) so now I can show it off.    I still need to paint the trim and bring the door up from my mom's and get in installed but even with that still undone, isn't it awesome?  If I were a little girl, I'd be finding furniture and a tea set to take out there and make it my playhouse. 

I can't wait for a sunny day when I can get out in the yard with a sketchbook and my paints and try my hand at capturing it on paper.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I noticed that you and I have a lot in common that is why I am now following your blog. I love your garden shed. My husband built me a closet under our new deck last summer. It is not near as cute and big as your shed, but it works, it holds my garden tools. If I were a kid again I would love to have yours as a playhouse as it looks like a little house, so cute. Are you going to put a flower box under the window??? How fun. It is nice to have husbands to help us out. Thanks again for your comment.