Saturday, July 17, 2010

For Rent: Plein Air Studio

Beautiful light filled space in the middle of the woods.  Hear the sound of the birds and watch the squirrels frolic as you work.   Comes complete with partial basement and plumbing.  Don't miss out on a great opportunity to create in this unique space.
Sounds great doesn't it?  Too bad the reality doesn't match the fantasy.  :)  My studio is officially gone now.  There's nothing left.  I'm way past due for some photos showing the destruction progress so far.  Enjoy!

All the walls and roof disappeared by about the 4th of July--it makes a nice patio doesn't it?

When I came home from Mom's on the 9th, I had a new hole in the ground.

By the end of the weekend, DH should have the forms for the footings all finished and we can call for our first inspection.  Since I'm starting to suffer withdrawls already (if only for a place to put all my "stuff"), every little bit of progress is a good thing.   


Tink said...

O man this is going to be soooo much fun for me to watch, love that you are posting the process.

Cindy said...'s gonna be huge. I'm sure you told us how big the remodel was gonna be but you know middle age brains.......never made the connection....and visuals always help this girl.

Gonna be one awesome space.

Vonnie said...

Plein Air, ha ha! get out your paints and easel.

Anonymous said...

How very exciting to watch the whole process. I am sure as you are waiting for the completion of your studio you are starting a list of projects you want to do. I hope it goes perfect and fast for you so you can get up and going again.