Monday, April 18, 2011

Fresh From the Sketchbook

Most of this week's drawings are the dreaded P word...practice.  :)  I checked out a very helpful book from the library on watercolor landscape painting and it gave specifics on how to paint things like skies and water and trees and stuff so I did some practicing in my journal...until I realized it would be pretty boring to look at and I need more practice than one little painting a day.  :)  So, in the interest of not boring everyone to death, I'll do that kind of practicing in another sketchbook.

Anyway, enjoy this week's offerings. 

You can get some fun effects with pens from Office Depot!

Done with a Pilot V Razor pen and water.

Practicing painting looser,


Cindy said...

I really like the up-close part of the top pic of trees. Nice.
I actually enjoy seeing your practice too.

Eilidh said...

Oh Melis! These are lovely! You are SO good! Which explains why I'm a teacher and you're an artist! Wow! Amazing! You don't need art lessons, sis!

Diana said...

Your "practicing" is beautiful. Love all of it, but especially the trees and the vase of flowers.