Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Making Stuff...Or What to Do When Your Washing Machine Breaks

Actually, I started this project before the washer broke but it's been a good stress reliever and distraction when I've gotten sick of trying to research how to repair it or replace it.  Especially since the projects I had planned to work on were put on hold because of not having a washing machine.  :)

Last week when I went to my painting class, I noticed a couple of people who had these neat paint brush holders that stand up when you unfold them.  I really liked them but they're only available in black and black is way to boring for me so I decided to try to make one that's more colorful.  It took a  little while to figure out how to design and sew it but over the course of the week I came up with a good plan for it and I finished it in time to take it to painting class tonight.

Here is the holder all folded up and ready to go.

Here is a picure of the inside.

Here it is when the top is folded back so it stands up.

I also made a zippered bag out of the black and white fabric to hold other miscellaneous painting stuff so, along with my big red canvas bag that holds all my stuff, I'm quite the coordinated painter these days.  :) 

I should have another post by tomorrow night of some new paintings.  I'm too tired tonight to set up the camera and tripod.  :)


Diana said...

Love the brush holder. Certainly not boring. 8-) You are so creative.

Cindy said...

I love how you can see something and then go make it! Coolio. Love that b&w fabric.

Tink said...

Bring this to our next day together so I can see how the stand part works...so great dear friend!