Wednesday, February 10, 2010

4 Brass Ensembles, 16 Timpani, a Full Orchestra and Choir...Can It Get Any Better Than This?

I've been listening to music all day again getting ready for tomorrow's Music History/Appreciation class.  We're beginning the Romantic Era so I've gotten to listen to some of my favorite composers.  Of course, you can't study the Romantic composers without including Hector Berlioz.

 And, my absolute favorite Berlioz piece is his Requiem.  It is an incredible piece of music and the part that has all the stuff I mentioned in the title is the Tuba mirum section of the Dies irae.  Here's a link to one video of it on youtube.  Not as good as listening to the recording I have  but you get the idea of the sheer power of this composition.   This recording (which is part 2) starts just at the Tuba mirum section but if you like it, try to find part one, which has the beginning parts of the Dies irae.

We're also listening to some Liszt, Schubert, and Chopin.  Perfect joy.  :)  Thank you God for giving people the ability to write such beautiful music and thank you for giving us ears to hear it.


Tink said...

I want to take your class...I never had music theory in school.

Vonnie said...

So much fun Melis. I had never heard that before. I agree with Tink we need a yaya music class.