Friday, February 5, 2010

Souvenirs From the Beach

The beach was lovely, the company awesome, the food incredible, the movies fun, the time...way too short.  I blinked and our lovely YaYa time away was over.  Guess I'll have to remember it by the souvenirs I have of projects finished and skills gained.  :)

Souvenir 1
Al's quilt, all washed and comfy, laying on the couch, waiting for a nap.

Souvenir 2
Lovely spun yarn just waiting to be plied and knit into something warm and cozy.

Souvenir 3
A watercolor study that I don't instantly want to rip up and throw in the garbage.  
For some reason (like maybe my brain was working for a change) the book on watercolor flowers I am studying right now has just the right combination of information and stuff that it's clicking in my brain.  Maybe I can learn watercolor and not suck at it so much!     

Souvenir 4 and 5
lovely henna tattoos and drawings

Souvenir 6--priceless memories of time spent with my best friends.


Tink said...

nice...especially #6! ;)

Cindy said...

Sweet way of blogging the beach trip. :)
I was just going through my pics for blogging too. But then I got tired and am gonna go take a nap instead.
Love ya.

Vonnie said...

Wow! even though I watched you work live and in person I didn't realize how much you got done. Amazing!