Sunday, January 31, 2010

Immovable Object Gets Mowed Down By Unstoppable Force

Well, I'm officially a wuss.  After stalwartly resisting assimilation into the hive collective that is the Borg...I mean Facebook, I caved tonight.  Let's just say my oldest son is more stubborn than I am and I love him lots.  :)   I had to laugh when the security check screen showed up because here were the words I had to type.  Funny, huh?  

 She put on her dumpiest clothes so no one would notice the blood stains when her son stretched her on the rack until she said, "Okay, already, sign me up for a Facebook account!"

Counting the hours
Only 2 sleeps until the YaYas head to the beach for our annual get away.  I still haven't finished packing yet and I discovered tonight that I don't have any watercolor paper left so if I want to do some practicing/learning new techniques, I have to hit some stores tomorrow in search of paper.  I hope I can find some somewhere--I was excited at the prospect of playing with my watercolors again.  It's been a while.

Just 36 hours or so until I get to look at this scenery for 4 days.  I can't wait!



Vonnie said...

Hey so your pink not red. Pink is good! The beach picture is beautiful btw. Cant wait to get going.

Cindy said...

Hysterical security words! And clever girl using them! :)

I wonder if we'll get some sunshine this year? That's a great pic.

see ya tomorrow.

Tink said...

She had the dumpiest not enter the world of faux stretched reality called Facebook!