Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fat Cats Go Down Alleys Eating Bread

HUH?  If anyone wasn't sure before, I'm thinking they're sure now that I'm a little wacko.   I do have a really boring explanation for the title of this post although I'm really tempted to be mysterious because it'd be way more fun.  The title of this post is a mnemonic device to help people remember the order of sharps in key signatures (F,C,G,D,A,E,B).  I made a doofy little sketch today as a visual reminder for the kids in music theory class. 

Many thanks to one of the kids' Garfield books for the cat.  :)

I actually spent a little time in the studio today sketching and painting.  I am pretty rusty because I haven't been drawing much lately but it was fun anyway.  I always forget how much I enjoy it and spend weeks away from my sketchbook.  Anyway, today I decided to practice trying to draw stuff up close and fill the frames I'd laid out.

Can you tell what they all are?


Cindy said...

Too cute!

The top left looks like a nail head, top right...uh..slices of ham?....middle left some electronic thing like a hair dryer...middle right is a pinecone....bottom left, maybe marbles or beads, bottom right is the top of a key.
I know I got one right...any others? :)

Tink said...

You sketch books are going to be so fun for your heirs to have when you are gone!!! Morbid?...not at all...very very kindred!

Melis said...

Top left is a rusty railroad spike, top right is a tin can (I know, I know, it doesn't look like it at all), middle left is my heat gun, middle right is a pine cone, bottom left is pens in a cup and bottom right is the top of a key. :) Good job Cindy! You win...ahhhh...something... :)

Vonnie said...

It took me a minute to remember the fcgdaeb thingy. I always thought the cats were eating bananas. I like the bread instead.