Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year, New Attempt

I would like to stretch a little bit this year as an artist so I've decided to try to do something creative every day.  Since all my studio stuff is still packed and stacked in the garage, I've decided to keep it simple and just draw every day.  When I get everything unpacked and arranged and prettified, I might expand my horizons but this way I'm at least doing something. 

I know I won't be able to post every day but I'm hoping for a couple of times a week, since I'm also determined to blog more this year.  :)  Ahhh...isn't the start of a new year fun?  All those things we want to do better this year and in January, we still have the desire and drive to do them.   Good thing I have friends to kick my a** if I lose momentum (yeah, I guess that was official permission yas).

Without further ado, here are my first 5 days of drawings.  Hope you enjoy!

P. S.  Hope you all noticed the new Picasa Photostream gadget!  I still have lots of albums to load so it's not as up to date as I'd like but there are plenty of photos to look at.  :)  As of right now, the link to the photo gallery isn't working but if you click on any of the photos it will take you to that particular photo album on Picasa and from there, click on the Web Albums tab and it will take you to my other albums.


Cindy said...

Ok. First off....Love the new look of you blog.
Second....yup saw the gadget...will click and see how it works...way to go on figuring it out.
Third...LOVE that you are sharing these pics you drew with us. Muah! So cool.

Tink said...

Sometimes you just make me cry with joy!