Monday, April 19, 2010

Well I Tried, Honest!

For the last month or so I've been looking online and in stores, trying to find a bedspread or comforter as an inspiration for turning our spare bedroom into a nice restful guest bedroom for company.  As usual, I had no luck in finding anything I loved, or if I did find something I loved, they didn't have it in the right size.  So, when the YaYas got together a few weeks ago for a field trip to a new quilt store, I decided that I would just look for fabric to make a quilt (yikes, why do I do this?  I really don't enjoy quilting!) and my friends encouraged the insanity instead of talking me out of it.  :)

Of course it didn't help that this particular quilt store has the most Melissa fabric I've ever seen in one place.  I was frozen for about the first half hour because there were too many options.  Definitely opposite of my usual quilt store experience.  :)  I finally enlisted the help of Tink, who is a master at randomness and mixing prints, and together we pulled a bunch of stuff and layed it all out on the floor and picked 11 fabrics to work with.  Originally, I was going for something restful and subdued but umm...that's just not me.  What do you think of what I ended up with?
It's definitely not restful but it is beautiful and vibrant and I think the room is going to be quite lovely when it's done.  Now I just have to clean up the studio enough to start sewing.  I wish there was an easy button for making that happen!


Tink said...

Hahahaha...girlfriend you LOVE making beauty and this quilt is going to be a doozy of a beauty! Can't wait to see it ffffffinished.

Cindy said...

Gorgeous! What fun it'll be to see 3 quilts made from a yaya outing. Woo hoo!